LED Beam Moving Head Light
Where are the floodlights used?
Oct 08 , 2020

led flood lighthas the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, bright colors, long life, compact and easy to install, and it also has a built-in chip for easy operation. led flood lights can own dynamic effects such as fade change, step change auto effect even without a controller, and effects such as dimming, strobe, and rainbow can also be achieved through DMX control. Therefore, led flood lights are widely favored and used by various industries. at present, they are mainly used in the following scenarios:

1. architecture exterior lighting

as led floodlights have a long service life and can be controlled intelligently, they can be used to brighten the appearance of some large architectures . some users also use such colorful and artistic lighting in order to increase the night effect of scenic spots. in addition, for some public landmark architectures, led flood lights can also be used for lighting design to better highlight the characteristics of the city.

36X15W LED RGBW Flood Light With Zoom

36x15W floodlight with zoom

2. landscape lighting

led flood lights can be well combined with urban streets. For example, led floodlights can be used to illuminate free spaces in cities, such as paths, waterfronts, stairs, or gardening. For some flowers or low shrubs, we can also use led flood lights for lighting. led hidden flood lights will be especially popular with people

24X10W LED RGBW Flood Light

24 x10W waterproof floodlight

3. signs and indicative lighting

places that require space restriction and guidance, such as the separation display of roads and pavements, the local lighting of stair steps, and the indicating lighting of emergency exits. You can use lights like led flood lights with appropriate surface brightness to self-illuminate buried lights or embedded in vertical walls.

4. indoor space display lighting

led flood lights are also very suitable for the lighting and decoration of indoor spaces. Because the color of the floodlights is soft, many users use them in interior lighting design.the entire space looks more interesting and connotative by using led floodlights

Mini 7x10W 4in 1 RGBW LED IP65 Par Lights

mini 7 x10W floodlight

5. entertainment venues and stage lighting

due to the dynamic and digital control of color, brightness and dimming of led floodlights, lively saturated colors can create static and dynamic lighting effects. From white light to any color in the full spectrum, the use of led floodlights opens up new ideas in such the lighting spaces. in addition, the led flood light overcomes the color shift phenomenon of the metal halide lamp after a period of use.

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