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bar lighting design
Nov 18 , 2020

How important is lighting in your bar? The effect of good lighting design can not only enhance the atmosphere of the bar, but also improve the quality of the bar. facts have proved that lighting is essential for bars, and lighting is very important to maintain the balance between the bars personality and functions.

The bar is a place for people to relax and entertain. The space and atmosphere of the bar are very important to customers. an environment that makes customers feel comfortable and can let go of themselves is the reason for their choice. Let's teach you how to make reasonable use of lighting design to make the bar stand out.

bar lighting design classification is as follow ing:

1. basic lighting

The basic lighting is the lighting under normal circumstances. there is no need to consider other factors. it only needs to meet the requirements of the audience to see the stage and performance clearly.

2. character lights

here we need to talk about a local lighting. local lighting only illuminates some local parts that you want to highlight, setting off the level and atmosphere of these local environments.

For example, the stage host’s lighting needs to be localized. This kind of lighting needs to use a follow light. This kind of light is characterized by high brightness and can clearly display the local spot. at the same time, it can be zoom to change the virtual and real changes of luminosity .

3. background lighting

The background of the bar will change with different performances, and each change is due to aesthetic or procedural requirements. The background light is to appropriately emphasize these background objects, so that they can be integrated into the performance, and to highlight the theme. b ackground lights like sky curtain lights, ground curtain lights, low beam lights, and so on are commonly used .

4. basic effect lighting

it is composed of directional bea m lamps , and has a three-dimensional spatial aesthetics, the color changes in various ways, besides the shape can be combined and changed at will by the stage lighting engineer s.

5. special effect lighting

computer lights are the best unique lighting fixtures for their advantages and practical effects in various poses. However, the price s of computer lights are relatively expensive, so it must be considered under the premise of ensuring the basic light and the actual effect of the basic .

bar design has a wide selection of light sources and types of lighting, but as long as you master the use of lighting techniques, properly adjust the brightness and color, and the reasonable layout of the lighting combination so that a relaxing and good bar atmosphere will be created out .

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